Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Won Game of Secrets!

The Secret Life of Writers recently held an awesome writing contest/event called Game of Secrets. (Teehee.) Basically, it was like Clue meets Choose Your Own Adventure. Each of the ladies over there wrote a short piece from the perspective of a character at a party where a murder takes place, and they left the ending open for someone else to write.

Whoever wrote their favorite ending would win.

And I won!

I'm not going to lie. When Zoe pinged me on gchat today congratulating me, I had no idea what was going on. She linked the "winner" post and I had a giggly happy moment where, yes, I bounced. A lot. Ahem.

This is an awesome boost of much needed confidence as I'm trying to get my book ready for beta readers. Not to mention....MUSTACHE MUG.


Read all about it here.

But before you read my entry, read the other parts of the story, linked here.

Now I'm off to be excited more!!


  1. YAY!

    p.s. you weren't kidding about blogging!

    But yeah I am so excited and proud of you! I'm glad that you took that chance and even though taking chances won't always pay off the important part is that sometimes they do and that's what makes them worthwhile :D

    ALSO betas! That means it won't be long before I get it *grabby hands*

  2. Haha...yeah...I'm trying to be

    I'm excited and proud of me, too. And it's definitely not as scary to put myself out there as I thought. It's fun--and it's not like I'm losing anything if I don't get random-whatevery-thing.


    You can have it whenever you want, ladyface, but you're sort of my secret weapon. I'm hoping to bring out the big guns at the very end when I need them most, and not waste them early on. ;)

  3. hahah I think you vastly over-estimate how helpful I will be, but I will hold off. Hopefully by the time yours is ready I have a new novel drafted that I need a break from anyway (maybe... the part where I actually have to write it is kinda slow/not happening yet).

    And yup I'm still so excited and proud of you! If I feel this way over one contest I'm not sure how I'll be able to contain my excitement and pride when you get that book deal;)

  4. Um, if the help you given me on those few lines I sent, and now my beginning, is any indication, you're going to be awesome for my word count issues haha.

    And if you need a pep talk or brainstorming help, I'm your girl! It sounds like you settled on a direction. Is the pantsing not going as planned?

    I bet you're about as proud of me as I am of you for your review for The Coast! <3 I can't wait until you get YOUR book deal so we can have an international dance-and-cheesecake party.