Friday, April 5, 2013

Today is a good day, because today I can read.

This time last year, I was curled up on a beach in Florida under a giant umbrella with my toes in the sand and a copy of Terry Pratchett's NATION...and working on Book #1 in a breezy oceanfront sunroom...and eating alligator and ridiculously fresh seafood and obscenely delicious key lime pie and grapefruits so sweet they tasted like candy.

This year, I'm curled up in my pajamas in an oversized chair with a nubby blanket and hot coffee, avoiding the chilly Michigan outdoors like I'm going to catch the zombie virus if I step foot outside. But I am working on Book #2, at least.

Sort of.
(Between sobs.)

When our Florida trip fell through at the last minute because of Family Things, I was disappointed. (Sun, sand, and fresh seafood VS gray skies and dead cornfields? I'd be crazy if I wasn't disappointed. I'm only human.)

I'm lucky, though, because every day of spring break I've done what I love. I've read--books for my internship, my own book, and even a few chapters of Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke & Bone. (Sooooo good.)

I've even managed to get a fair amount done on NIGHTMUTE (Book #2)...enough that I've sent it to two alpha readers. (Squee!)

I've talked every day with my amazing writer buddy Zoe, and she even encouraged me to enter Game of Secrets, an event put on by the ladies over at The Secret Life of Writers. I don't write murder mysteries--although I do kill a LOT of people in my books--but it sounded like fun. The deadline was today, and I didn't see it until yesterday, so I had to dust off my considerably rusty short story skills and write something fast...but it was fun. A lot of fun. Which begs the question: why am I so scared of stepping outside my comfort zone? I almost didn't do it because I couldn't see myself writing the end to a murder mystery (even though I love Clue and would go as Colonel Mustard for Halloween in a heartbeat).

 I'm really glad Zoe and her awesomesauceness talked me into it.

Do I wish I were in Florida sipping tropical drinks, wearing a jaunty hat and slathering organic suncreen all over my allergic-to-sunscreen gingery paleness? Well...yeah...but I'm lucky to be able to wake up every single day and do what I love. Regardless of whether it's spring break.

So next week I'll read more books and slap around my WIP some more and maybe even try to break out of my hermitude to be more active in the online writing community, and I'll feel blessed the whole time for having the time and freedom to do what brings me joy.

I guess what I'm saying is follow your bliss--even if it comes wrapped in the chilly gray of spring break in Michigan. Today is a great day because today you and I can write. And read. And be perfectly-imperfectly-human.

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