Sunday, April 21, 2013


I'm lucky to have some truly amazing people in my life. Like all around, my friends and family are incredible, supportive, wonderful, wonderful people. (There aren't enough warm-fuzzy adjectives to describe my peoples.)

I appreciate them like you wouldn't believe, and I tell them so all the time. I say "I'm glad you exist" so often that it's actually rubbed off and some of my friends say it now.

Appreciation is free. Telling someone you care about them, that you are aware of their efforts and are doesn't cost anything, but it's worth it's emotional weight in chocolate covered coffee beans.

The wonderful people in my life include truly special critique partners and writing buddies. One, especially. Zoë is a lifesaver. I talk to her every day, sometimes many times a day. She talks me through anxious moments, gives input on random lines I'm struggling with, suggests contests, and pushes me to do things I'm scared of (like said contests or applying for things like the YAvengers initiative).

So when I offer to do something like proofread her mss before she started querying, it wasn't with the expectation of reward. I offered because she does so much for me that I wanted to give back. Also, she'd had four (I think?) more betas after I beta read for her, and I wanted to see all the changes. ;)

We had a conversation that somehow came around to David Levithan's THE LOVER'S DICTIONARY, and when she found out I hadn't read it yet--even though it's high on my list--she sent me a copy.

No joke.

That was about the sweetest thing ever, and I was so happy when I picked it up from the post office yesterday that I miiiiiiight've twirled a little bit. Not in the post office, of course, but when I got home and flipped through it and experienced the tactile awesome of the cover. (It really does feel cool.)

So this is me saying thank you to an awesome writing buddy, not only for being awesome, but for showing her appreciation in an adorable way.

If you have a beta or a CP or a writing buddy or a friend that's awesome and helpful, make sure to say thank you. They will notice. Gifts are not required (but appreciated!) but words should be. So take the time today to say thanks.

And call your mother.



  1. First, I hope you like it! It's such a fast easy read since your pleasure reading time is so limited it seemed like a perfect choice.

    Second, I know that nobody needs present, and most of us struggling writers aren't in positions to give huge ones but I agree full-heartedly that just telling somebody how much you appreciate them and their help is good enough. I really try my best to do that because it might only take one person to put words on a page, but it takes a whole lot more to shape them into something finished and polished, in my experience. I felt so much more confident querying after you proof-read for me, and in between that and your help with my query AND your help beta-ing the first time, well I'm not sure I can ever totally repay you for it all. But I figured a thank you and a fun book couldn't hurt :)

    Thirdly, I'm SO LUCKY to have you as a friend and a CP. You are truly special to me and I am so glad we are on this crazy writing journey together.

  2. I need to read for my internship first, but I flipped through and read a few passages and it's beautiful. His tweets had me so eager to read the book, and now I'm even more excited!

    Also, I definitely agree with the whole it-takes-a-village-to-write-a-book sentiment. Art isn't made in a vacuum, and NIGHTMUTE wouldn't be half as good without all the feedback from awesome peoples.

    I'm so glad I was able to help with your book, and don't worry, you definitely won't feel like you'll never be able to repay me after I'm all neurotic when my turns comes for querying. ;)

    I'm ALSO super lucky to have you as a friend and CP. I don't know what I'd do without you now that I'm all spoiled by your awesomeness. So thanks again. (It's like thank Zoë day around here haha.)

  3. p.s. this is still my favourite post, it's okay if you never update again (not really!)

  4. Haha I'm glad you like the post where I pretty much talk you up and tell the world (all 50 people in it who actually read this post) how amazingful you are. ;)

    I know I've been bad. Things have just sort of exploded lately. I'll update on Thursday, promise. <3