Friday, December 7, 2012

Pitch Wars!

Pitch Wars is this fantastic contest run by Brenda Drake over at her blog. Unagented writers can submit an "application" consisting of a query letter and the first five pages of their manuscript to three of the eleventy-hundred (slight exaggeration) mentors participating. Mentors are outrageously awesome industry folk (authors, editors, interns) who will mentor/coach one person from their pile of applicants for a month. They'll read the mentee's book, suggest edits, and help them polish their query.

Then comes the battle round.

All of the mentees get thrown into a ring where they must battle to the death for the attention of over a dozen agents. Whichever mentee gets the most requests wins! (But everybody wins because seriously...mentoring and a panel of agents? That's beyond awesome.)

Did I mention the ninjas? There are ninja mentors swooping in to snatch up unclaimed applicants to mentor.

And the Twitter. All the Twitter. #PitchWars is a ridiculous time-suck and I love it so much.

And did I mention the super secret #SekritProject that's been hint-dropped all over the place? I don't know what's going down, but it sounds big. So. Much. Cryptic.

Also, as if the mentors weren't awesome enough, most of them are sending personalized rejections. To the 2000 applications they received. 0.o

No wonder writers drink.

So...I applied. Now I'm waiting. For the 12th when notifications go out. For the love of cheez-its and all that is holy, the anticipation is keeeeeling me. I don't even care at this point if I get chosen. The fact that everyone is so awesome and I've cut 3k words from my manuscript in a fit of panic-induced polishing is win enough for me.

Still, it would be pretty awesome. ^_^

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